Iraqi national who fled for three years after raping woman jailed


An Iraqi national who fled to his home country after raping a 20-year-old woman in Burton was jailed yesterday (April 13th).

Jabar Ababakr, 33, of no fixed address, attacked his victim in her friend’s home back in June 2014.

Stafford Crown Court heard that Ababakr had messaged the victim’s friend, asking if he could come over to her house and drink with them.

Ababakr was an acquaintance of the victim’s friend, and was repeatedly refused sex by the woman, who stated that she had a boyfriend.

Prosecuting, Mr. Whelan, said: “The defendant called his victim’s friend and asked to come over to her house and drink with her.

“Despite being refused sex multiple times by the victim, he was persistent.”

Ababakr has been living in the UK since 2002, working at a car wash, and has two previous convictions of drunken disorderly conduct.

Ababakr initially denied committing the attack, before fleeing to Iraq for three years.

The defendant had been the subject of an appeal made by Staffordshire Police on BBC’s Crimewatch series in July 2017.

He then turned himself in to Sutton Coldfield Police in February of this year and said he had been to Iraq to visit his dying mother.

Ababakr was then arrested and pleaded guilty to the offences on March 16.

Defending Ababakr, Mr. Cliff, said: “He said he behaved like a monster, and has since stopped drinking due to the shame he has after what happened.”

Prosecuting Ababakr, Judge M. Chambers, said: “You made it clear that you wanted to have sex with this woman both to her and her friend, however she made it clear that she did not.

“It was a traumatic experience for this woman, who feared leaving the house when you were at large, and still does now that you are in custody.”

Detective Constable Clare Davenport, of Staffordshire Police, said: “Thanks to the courage and determination of the victim in coming forward Ababakr is now behind bars.

“We will always do whatever it takes to bring offenders to justice, while ensuring victims and their families are offered the support they need.”

Ababakr was given a 56 month concurrent sentence for two counts of rape and is on the sexual offenders register for life.

Image provided by Staffordshire Police 


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