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The crowd were feeling supersonic at Hanley’s, The Exchange, as they sung along to Oasis’ greatest hits on Friday (April 6).

However, it wasn’t iconic brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher who took to the stage.

It was Definitely Oasis, one of the closest sounding tribute bands for the Britpop heavyweight group.

The group, formed in Scotland in 2015 as a substitute for the real band, who formally split up in 2009.

Just like the original group, Definitely Oasis is a five-piece band consisting of Brian McGhee (lead vocals and ‘Liam Gallagher’ of the group), Chris Duncan (vocals and guitar in the fashion of Noel Gallagher), Ross Mackinnon (drums), Derek Brown (guitar) and Lewie Harrison (bass).

Speaking backstage before the gig, the group talked about the importance of recreating an Oasis experience that younger people might not have had the opportunity to hear live.

Lead singer McGhee, said: “It’s all about keeping it alive.

“A lot of people have seen Oasis, but a lot of people haven’t, and that’s when they come and see us.

“I think it’s relevant at the moment with them [Noel and Liam] still producing music.”

Despite the group recognising that there is a big appeal for their gigs amongst the younger generation, it was surprising to see that most of the crowd gathered in The Exchange’s intimate venue were couples over thirty, who are likely to have seen Oasis live.

This was pointed out by the tribute band, who explained how nostalgia plays a big part in people’s choice to go and see them.

Guitarist Derek Brown, said: “We played a gig in London and it was crazy.

“There was a lot of young people, but there was a lot of people who were around our age and a little bit older, reliving their youth.

“They lost their heads a little bit and were moshing, the passion is brilliant to see!”

This was the band’s first time playing in Stoke, but after playing hits such as Slide Away, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory and Hello, coupled with McGhee’s uncanny impersonation of Liam Gallagher (right down to the occasional tambourine shake and stand-still posture), the crowds had flocked to the front to belt out their favourites.

“Timeless” was one of the words repeatedly used by Definitely Oasis when asked why the 90s Britpop music movement still resonates with fans today.

Backing vocals and guitarist Chris Duncan, said: “It’s a testament to a time that was just great to be alive in, mainly because of the music, which was timeless.”

As well as their Stoke gig, Definitely Oasis have gigs coming up in Manchester, Liverpool and London.

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