A Quiet Place: Review


Have you ever sat in the cinema too afraid to move or eat your popcorn? A “Quiet Place” written and starring, John Kransinski and his wife Emily Blunt, is a guaranteed nail-biter.

The instant chemistry between Lee (Krasinski) and Evelyn (Blunt) is noticeable from the get go, even with very little dialogue the two actors flourish.

The couple essentially have a hideout in the countryside with their children. If they make a loud noise they are at risk of being hunted by what looks like the monster from ‘Stranger Things’.

Admittedly, A Quiet Place isn’t quite as the trailer depicts, although portrayed as an eerie horror, arguably the plot is much more than that.

Who would’ve thought a gripping, Sci-Fi thriller movie, would leave you with goosebumps? It’s very clear Krasinski has established the perfect balance of thriller with an emotional hook.

The minimal dialogue is chilling, so be prepared to tense-up as the plot progresses – at times I was too scared to even cough!

Relying heavily on visual story telling, “A Quiet Place” isn’t just your typical horror with scary looking demons and jump scares, without giving too much of the plot away, it focuses on heart-warming topics such as family and empowerment.

In a world surrounded with noise, it’s hard to imagine living in silence. “A Quiet Place” builds tension to perfection and reminds us of the importance of family relationships. Krasinski has crafted an exhilarating must see thriller.


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