Stoke-on-Trent alt-rock band Alter Eden announces fan owned record label


Stoke-on-Trent alternative-rock band Alter Eden have announced its new record label today, which is owned completely by their fans.

Forming in 2015, the band first released a self-produced EP before releasing their debut single, ‘Tigers and Lambs’ last February. This gained them a substantial fan base, which helped the band to realise that direct communication was the key to a successful launch. The next step for the band was to turn that interaction into a huge creative force.

StaffsLive spoke to front-man Nick Pilgrim about the record label:

“A 100%, fan-owned record label is the ultimate collaboration. Fans buy the music and go to shows, but they often feel that they’ve been left on the outside.”

To celebrate the launch, they have released a new single and music video entitled ‘Holding Out’. The single is produced by Heaven’s Basement producer David Radhad Jones and mastered by Led Zeppelin’s Mastering Engineer Peter Hewitt-Dutton.

“Try and pull yourself closer to the people who listen to your music, the best way we thought about doing that was setting up a record label. We’re involving the people in the biggest possible way, by giving them a seat at the table”, Nick said.

Fans are expressing their excitement about the new record label.

Adam Broadhurst, 25, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, has followed the band since their beginning and says, “Fans have always dictated what artists create.

“Putting them directly in the loop and cutting out the middle management is a totally natural process that I can’t believe has never been attempted before.”

The band will use a crowdfunding platform known as Patreon, where they will ask fans to contribute just £3.50 a month. This will provide the creators with a sustainable income while retaining full control, even down to the smaller aspects with the public creatively designing logos.

Nick, added: “The days of musicians sitting on their thrones of platinum records and being haughty and unapproachable is over – those days are gone.

“Rather than have people fund you, you actually involve them. I think that is how the music industry will go, and it will become more of a personal relationship”.

The band is now urging fans worldwide to join them on the next stage of the band’s journey, and in turn the birth of a new style of record level. Whether that’s simply to follow the band’s progress or attaining executive producer credit, it will be a huge process which will hopefully captivate other bands to do the same.


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