StaffsLive’s guide to the weird and wonderful world of Easter Eggs


It’s that egg-citing, sweet-toothed time of the year again when we stuff ourselves silly with chocolate.

For some, Easter is a deeply religious holiday. But for many of us, it’s an excuse to devour cheap choccy bunnies and increasingly wacky Easter egg creations!

So, to help you choco-holics pick your way through the crazier items, we’ve put together a guide to the more egg-stravagant products on offer.

Here is StaffsLive’s pick of the weirdest and most wonderful Easter eggs of 2018.

Cheese Egg from Asda – ‘Cheester Egg’

Image from

Image from

I’m sold by the pun alone, let’s be honest.
This bad boy comes with a 120g block of Butlers Blacksticks blue cheese, onion chutney and mini oatcake crackers (that should please the locals).
If you’re not already running to your local Asda in your slippers and dressing gown, get a load of this.
The cheese is known as ‘The Daddy of Blue Cheese’.
Unfortunately, the Cheester egg isn’t available until 16th of March and will only be in select stores nationwide.
The price is yet to be revealed.

Schokolat – Chocolate Teapot

Image from Amazon

Okay so this isn’t technically an egg but it’s chocolate and quirky, so it counts.
Plus, this super fun dark Belgian chocolate has multiple serving options.
Instead of simply smashing it with a hammer and feasting on the shattered pieces, you can add water and cocoa for a lovely drink.
Or you can only partly smash it with the hammer and add water to make a dipping bowl. Lovely.
Various website sell the teapot at varying prices. Amazon sells it for £16.

Hotel Chocolat – Egg Sandwich

Image from Hotel Chocolat

Finally, I can eat chocolate for breakfast in peace.
One of these and a side of gummy eggs, yummy.
This very creative ‘egg’ comes in a variety of chocolate, from caramel to dark.
Apparently, they 3D-scanned a loaf of bread for an authentic look.
I’m not sure if that’s creepy or genius?
Available for £10 each from Hotel Chocolat.

Chococo – Unicorn Easter Egg

Image from Chococo

Less weird and more darn fabulous.
This beautifully decorated milk chocolate egg has a magical secret hiding inside.
Little white chocolate unicorns! Very on trend right now.
If that’s not your thing, also available are dinosaurs and butterflies.
Priced at £12 each or two for £21.50 from the Chococo online store.

Waitrose – Avocado Egg

Image from Waitrose

I don’t understand this craze myself, but if avocados are your ‘thang’ then Waitrose have you covered!
Made 100% from Belgian chocolate with no avocado flavouring, thank goodness for small mercies.
This strange ‘egg’ is exclusive to Waitrose, although let’s be honestly probably Ebay too.
Available from Waitrose for £8.

Pierre Marcolini – Mini Big-Eared Hat

Image from

Despite the confusingly contradictory name this Easter treat is adorable and a totally unique concept.
The Bunny ears hat comes in white, dark and medium chocolate.
Hidden within the hat is a mini praline egg. Delicious.
This luxury item is pretty reasonably priced at £15 from the Pierre Marcolini website.

Bettys – Limited Edition Spring Bloom Egg

Image from

So, the concept of a luxury adult easter egg is a little silly.
It’s only chocolate and will be promptly destroyed and consumed.
Surely an egg costing £30 is a bit excessive but have you seen how beautiful this egg is!
This egg has been created by a true artist, the details are simply delicious.
Handcrafted in Yorkshire, now how about that.
Available from Bettys online store.

So, there you have it, the weird and wonderful of 2018.

If you and your family are bored with your bog-standard Cadbury’s Easter eggs, you can give your aunt an avocado and hope for an egg sandwich off your mum!

(Featured image – pic courtesy of Max Pixel under creative commons)


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