New pizzeria which serves up pizza in 90 seconds opens in Newcastle


A new pizzeria has opened in Newcastle-under-Lyme serving pizza in just 90 seconds!

Pizza Triangle, in Pool Dam, dished out more than 200 wood-fired pizzas in one day within the first few days of business.

Store Manager, Sapaly Nuri and chef Elia Tavernese, say they want to re-educate the community on how “proper” authentic Italian pizza should be.

Sapaly said: “We saw a gap in this town. There is no place that does authentic Italian pizzas.”

Chef Elia, from Sicily, has more than 40 years’ experience in the trade and believes he has made around two million pizzas.

“All of our pizzas are traditional 12 inches,” he added.

“We use a sourdough recipe, which is Neapolitan style pizza dough.

“We leave it to ferment for 6-10 hours… to make it healthier and easier to digest.”

Pizzas are cooked at 400 degrees in a Marana Forni pizza oven, imported from Italy.

“It is one of the best in the world.

“We know that for the best quality, the best pizza chefs in the world choose Marana.

“Normal conventional ovens would take usually 5-6 minutes to cook, it takes 90 seconds to cook in our oven, it’s very quick.”

Pizza Triangle sources most of its produce from Italy, and pizzas are served with sides such as salad and garlic bread, made using the sourdough recipe.

They also cater for vegan and gluten free customers.

“Our gluten free pizzas are cooked in a separate pan and the gluten free dough is made in a separate machine to avoid contamination,” added Sapaly.

“Our vegan pizzas are made with vegan dough and vegan cheese.

“We can do a vegan Fiorentina with a vegan egg, and vegan Capricciosa with vegan ham.

“Our most popular pizza at the moment is Pizza Pollo. Chicken, peppers and onion are cooked in the oven first with Italian mozzarella cheese and our unique tomato sauce.

“Pizza Piccante is also very popular.”


We thought we’d give their pizzas a try – can they be that tasty in just 90 seconds?

Well, if the Pizza Pollo is anything to go by, they certainly can.

Rather than onions, Chef Elia added spinach and it was delicious.

The soft crust had a slight char where the wood fire had caught it, which gave it the real authentic taste of Italian pizza.

The bottom was crispy and there was plenty of tasty toppings. It was one of the best pizzas I have eaten in this area.

Pizza Pollo with spinach at Pizza Triangle

Pizza Pollo

Upstairs is being renovated to a seating area that will sit around 50 diners.

But customers can still eat in or take away.

You won’t feel bad about taking your pizza away as Pizza Triangle use eco-friendly recyclable pizza boxes.

Sapaly said: “There is so much wastage, we just want to help the planet as much as we can.”

To place an order visit Pizza Triangle website:


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