Newcastle MP Paul Farrelly says allegations of bullying are “baseless and untrue”


Newcastle-under-Lyme MP Paul Farrelly has denied allegations of bullying in Parliament.

Farrelly, who has held his seat for Labour since 2001, said today the allegations made in a BBC Newsnight investigation have “caused great distress to my family”.

While on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee in the early 2000s, Mr Farrelly is alleged to have bullied former clerk Emily Commander.

Ms Commander left her post on theĀ  committee a year after being appointed.

A complaint was filed against Mr Farrelly, criticising his behaviour.

But the Labour Party veteran said the complaint was “entirely unfair and, of course I defended it”.

Addressing the accusations made against him, he said in a statement: “These are baseless, untrue allegations, which were looked at and not upheld.

“These allegations were initially made in 2012, and were investigated at the time.

“Two of the members of staff handling it had both worked closely with the senior clerk who brought the complaint.

“There was no fairness nor independence involved.”

An internal report found his behaviour had constituted to an “abuse of power or position”.

The Staffordshire-born MP apologised if he had “inadvertently upset the clerk who had suffered stress”

“There seems to be a wider agenda afoot and it is sad that Newsnight should have been so one-sided,” added Mr Farrelly.

He also said he would be taking further legal advice.

The BBC Newsnight investigation also implicated House of Commons speaker John Bercow.


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