Night of the Gladiators 34 – mixed martial arts in Stoke this weekend


Gladiator Promotions UK return to Stoke-On-Trent this weekend with the Night of the Gladiators 34 card in Hanley.

The event is run by Ross Pointon. Pointon is a former mixed martial arts and jiujitsu champion. He competed in some of the most illustrious MMA promotions in the world, including the UFC, K1 and Cage Warriors.


MMA is one of the fastest growing international sports and this is being reflected at a local level.

“Obviously we could do with more gyms popping up around the area but the MMA scene in Stoke-On-Trent is definitely growing,” said Pointon.

The Night of the Gladiators 34 card will feature 11 fights in various weight classes from 57kg up to the over 100kg category.

One of the main attractions will be at 84kg where Derby’s Jody Fulwood will be facing Liverpool’s Mike Fisher.

Pointon said: “I’m looking forward to all of the fights this weekend. Mike Fisher vs Jody Fulwood should be good. Jody is a bit of a banger and Mike is too so I’m looking forward to watching that one.”

The fights will start on Saturday night at 7pm at Sankey’s night club in Hanley. Pointon is hoping that events like this enhance Stoke-On-Trent’s mixed martial arts presence in England.

Full card:

Tyrone McNamara vs Danyl Griffin (100+ KG)
Jody Fulwood vs Mike Fisher (84 KG)
Rafal Neuberg vs Wyatt Dunn (84+ KG)
Filip Andrei vs Ryan Sunner (98 KG)
Scott Kelsey vs Ashley Haynes (93 KG)
Joffie Houlton vs Reece McCarthy (93 KG)
Luke Foden vs Mo Zubair (57 KG)
Omar Williams vs Josh Timmis (74 KG)
Kane Ode vs Mason Pardoe (70 KG)
Denzil Chibondo vs Luke Bennet (60 KG)
James Clancy vs Rory Reagan (77 KG)


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