Jack Butland visits Newcastle-under-Lyme college for Literacy Day


Stoke City goalkeeper, Jack Butland visited Newcastle-under-Lyme college for their Literacy Day, which highlights the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies worldwide.

The Stoke player spoke to pupils at the college about the importance of literacy skills, education and sports.

Butland joins a long list of professional athletes that share a relationship with the college, which includes Gordon Banks, arguably England’s greatest goalkeeper.

Ian Hookway, Director of Human Resources and Communications at Newcastle-under-Lyme College said: “Jack’s been a good friend to the college over the years and capitalised the relationship we had with Stoke City and with Gordon Banks.

“All local clubs do their bit for the community and Stoke City we find particularly responsive to motive students and adults.

“One of the things that Jack’s been doing is talking to some of our students as part of the literacy iniative we have going on in the college and to have somebody like him coming in and talking to kids about not only the importance of sport but the importance of literacy and getting a good education to back up his sporting achievements is invaluable.

“Half an hour with him is going to be worth any number of classes and teachers telling them what to do, he’s going to be able to get through to them really well and really quickly.”


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