Future Journalist Awards 2018 winners announced


The winners of the Staffordshire’s Future Journalist awards were announced today (16 March 2018) during an awards ceremony at Staffordshire University.

The Future Journalist awards is a yearly event that is all about honouring young aspiring journalists aged between seven and 18 from across the country.

The competition is run every year by Staffordshire University Journalism and PR students, with this year’s event being launched in November 2017.

Hundreds of young people and children entered the competition, and this year Councillor Abi Brown and top local journalists decided the fate of the entrants.

Young aspiring journalists are given help to develop their creative skills in workshops ran by the Staffordshire University students.

There are four categories, based on school year groups so that writing is fair to all ages. Contestants are encouraged to write about anything from news to sport.

During the ceremony, Journalist and now Arts Director of ITV, Nina Nannar sent in a special message giving her top tips for being a good journalist.

Once all the runner ups and winners were given their certificates and goodies, they were given a tour around the StaffsLive newsroom by lecturers and third year students.

Full list of winners and runners up:

Years 3, 4 and 5

Joint First – Grace Dodkins (Year 5, Bishops Lonsdale) and Phoebe Brookes (Year 5, John Wheeldon Primary Academy)

Runner Up – Isabella Nelson (Year 3, St Gabriel’s Primary School)

Years 6, 7 and 8

First – Niah Massam-Simon (Year 6, John Wheeldon Primary Academy)

Runners Up – Phoebe Chadwick (Year 6, William Amory Primary School) and Megan Johnson (Year 6, John Wheeldon Primary Academy)

Years 9, 10 and 11

First – Lydia Tague (Wolstanton High School)

Runners Up – Joshua Bailey (Year 9, Newcastle High School) and Raman Deo (Wolstanton High School)

Years 12 and 13

First – Callum Bancroft (Year 13, The Manchester College)iann

Runners Up – Victoria Bagnall (Year 13, St John Fisher Catholic College) and Abigail Aitken (Year 13, Shrewsbury Sixth Form College)

All winners will be invited to take part in a VIP Newsday Experience at Staffordshire University, where they can dip their toes into the world of journalism.

Laurianne Dudgeon, An organiser and presenter of the event said: “It went really well, all the hard work has paid off and the turnout of the event was great”

Jackie Gregory, Guest speaker and Senior Journalism lecturer at Staffordshire University said:

“Todays event is a accumulation of a year of hard work, we launched in September, when our L6 students were tasked with putting together the competition to encourage pupils and college leavers around Staffordshire and Cheshire to take part because we feel that there is a lot of talent there and it needs to be nurtured and we want some good journalists for the next generation”

“Our level 6s have done a great job, going out to schools. Doing journalism workshops, getting the entries and getting them judged.

“You can see today by the smiles on their faces , how proud the parents and school teachers were of the people who won. It makes it all worthwhile and gives us all a boost.

Years 12 and 13 category winner, Callum Bancroft commented on his win:

“It was an achievement and I think everyone else who was a finalist or won, it was an achievement for them as well. Having someone critic your work and approve of it is quite a big boost”

Watch Callum and Jackie speaking to StaffsLive here.


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