Five children lucky to be alive as tumble dryer sparks Tunstall house fire


A family are ‘lucky’ to be alive after a tumble dryer set fire to their Tunstall home.

Fire crews were called to Madison Street at 7.03am today (Thursday March 8).

Five children and one adult were trapped upstairs because of ‘thick smoke’ on the ground floor.

Advice was given over the phone to the people still trapped inside.

They advised them to go to a safe place, shut the door, block the gap at the bottom of the door to prevent smoke entering, and open a window to access clean air.

Two firefighters went into the house wearing breathing apparatus and rescued the family.

They all suffered from smoke inhalation and were taken to Royal Stoke Hospital.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Crews arrived to find two patients already out of the property with a further six being assisted out by the fire service.

“Ambulance staff assessed four women, two men and a boy and a girl who had all suffered smoke inhalation.

“Following treatment at the scene, they were all transported to Royal Stoke University Hospital for further assessment.”

Firefighters attended from Sandyford, Hanley and Newcastle-under-Lyme and used a “Thermal Imaging Camera” to find where the fire started before putting it out.

Roy Daniels, station manager, said: “This fire has left the kitchen severely damaged and the incident is a stark warning never to leave appliances on overnight.

“Worryingly there were no working smoke alarms in the home so the fire was only discovered when one of the occupants got up and smelt smoke.

“When he realised there was a fire he alerted everyone, but those upstairs were unable to escape due to the thick smoke and they were rescued by firefighters.

“This incident highlights just how important it is to have working smoke alarms on every level of your home.

“They will alert you to a fire at the earliest opportunity and give you vital extra minutes in which to escape, they really are life savers and this family are very lucky to have escaped this incident relatively unscathed.

“Always make sure your appliances are safe to use and never leave them on overnight or while you’re out. Always register your appliances, keep them well maintained and make sure they are British Safety Approved.”


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