7 revision tips for stressed out students


Exam and deadline season is upon us and students up and down the country are starting to revise. It’s an incredibly stressful time and is a lot of pressure for young adults, but there are effective revision tactics that will help to keep you motivated and composed.

  1. Find your personal style – Use the VAK test to see if you are a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner, which will help determine how you will find it best to revise. Visual learners work better revising from diagrams and charts, whereas auditory learners prefer to listen to their notes. Kinaesthetic learners benefit from practical work and actually doing things.
  2. Make a study plan – A study plan with help you to better organise your days to get the most out of them. Get up early to get your workload done, so you can chill out in the evening. Allocate different tasks to different days and make your workload realistic and manageable.
  3. Make your notes exciting – You want your revision to be something you want to do and actually enjoy doing. For example, visual learners should make their notes visually aesthetic so that you want to look at them.

    Colour co-ordinating your notes can help

  4. Try different techniques – Revising in just one way is not beneficial. To fully digest and retain the information, you should use various revision methods to help you revise.
  5. Treat yo’self – A mantra I live by (albeit a little too frequently). Treat yourself to a break, a brew, a catch up with a mate, anything that will just let your brain rest for half an hour before cracking on again.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep – A good night’s sleep is crucial to help with revision. During sleep, our body mentally and physically recovers and without it, you brain won’t revise effectively.
  7. Don’t get distracted – Don’t let your phone or TV be a distraction. Find a tidy, quiet work environment to help you keep focused.

Good luck with your exams and use these tips to help you prepare for them!


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