Valentine’s Day: A Singletons Guide


When it comes to Valentine’s day we think of two people loving each other, giving each other strength and of course, exchanging gifts. This is awesome if you are in a relationship but what if you’re not?

A typical Valentine’s day might include a home cooked meal for the other half, a trip to a top-notch restaurant or an Uber to the nearest McDonalds.

Blue skies and butterflies are great but what if you are that single pringle who hasn’t yet found their soulmate?


Take full advantage of Valentine’s day, instead of giving love to someone else, love yourself and make this day all about you: treat yourself to a shopping spree or a movie marathon.

If none of the above floats your boat then challenge your inner soul by taking a meditation class or a boxing session at the gym, thinking of your ex as you annihilate the punching bag.


Waiting for someone to buy you a gift can be quite frustrating, there’s a 50% chance you won’t like it but you smile and accept it to be polite.

Men spend 49% more than women when buying gifts, instead of adding to her collection of a hundred handbags, you can buy yourself a pair of Yeezy’s and not feel guilty about it if you’re single.

To all the single ladies out there, throw yourself a pamper night with your girlfriends. Get your face masks and bath bombs ready or maybe a box set and Dominoes: the choice is yours.

Pity Party

Why wallow in self-pity all alone when you can do it in a room full of other singletons.

Throw a house party for all your single friends and drink away your sorrows.

Food + Drinks

Keep it simple and go for some beverages and food with your friends and family. You might want to get their early before the tables fill up.

Social Media Detox 

It may seem like we are telling you to sell your soul but scrolling through Instagram or seeing snaps of loved up couples will not help you this Valentines day, it will only make you feel worse.

Steer clear of social media for the day and you might actually enjoy yourself.


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