Uttoxeter welder gearing up for boxing challenge


Josh Groombridge, a welder from Uttoxeter, has started his preparation for his seventh professional boxing fight in April.

The 25-year-old boxer is undefeated in his six professional fights and hopes to defend his unbeaten record when he fights at the Kings Hall, Stoke.

Groombridge said: “I’m not arrogant about my record, it’s hard work and when it is hard you can really enjoy it.

“But it does not mean anything as it is just a start. In 10 fights time hopefully if I still look good and I’m still unbeaten, then I will be happy.”

The Burton-on-Trent born boxer aims to drop his day job as a welder to focus on the fight game full time: “I would take it with both hands, I think only around 5% of boxers box full time and make enough money from it.

“It’s a dream of mine, but I did not dream that I would turn professional so that is something you have to keep on chipping away at,” added the fighter.

The middleweight is trained and managed by ex-boxer Scott Lawton. Lawton had 36 professional fights and fought the likes of Derry Matthews and Amir Khan.

Ex boxer Scott Lawton looking over Josh Groombridge as he trains on the pads

Groomsbridge’s opponent will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Lawton believes that fighters are ducking Groombridge due to this power and abilities in the ring.

The trainer said: “It’s hard for Josh, he has six wins and four knockouts.

“People are not lining up to box him because they won’t box again without getting a 28-day suspension, at the minute he is dishing out a few of them.

Groombridge fought four times last year and hopes to have better quality fights this year.

“Another four fights would be nice and an improvement in quality would be great.

“I’ve got my next fight coming up which is bit of step up for me, hopefully this will lead to another two or three fights where the quality gets me where I need to be,” added Groombridge.

Groombridge will fight for the British challenge belt on the card on 7 April at the Kings Hall (Stoke-on-Trent).


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