Struggling to sleep? The best remedies to help you get some shut-eye


According to The Sleep Council’s Great British Bedtime Report 2017, more than 1/3 (35%) of Brits have suffered from sleeping problems for more than five years; 20% more than in the past ten years.

So in this hectic modern world, are there any simple changes that we can make to ensure a goodnight’s sleep?

Well thankfully, we’ve compiled some sleep advice alongside a couple of product recommendations, destined to help you get those 40 winks you deserve.

What are three of the main causes of disrupted sleep?

1) Worry or stress

2) Partner disturbance

3) Noise related problems

So how can we fight these troublesome woes?

10 suggestions for a better nights sleep

One method I find personally helpful is the “4-7-8 Method.” Revered for increasing oxygen levels in your bloodstream, whilst releasing higher levels of carbon dioxide from your lungs, alongside slowing your heart rate.

1) Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and allow it to remain there

2) Exhale deeply and completely through your mouth

3) With your mouth closed, inhale through your nose for the duration of four seconds

4) Hold your breath for 7 seconds

5) Exhale fully through your mouth once again for eight seconds

6) Repeat the cycle several times until you start to feel it taking effect.

Here are some more methods that you should try to get a better nights sleep:

  • Get into a routine – Establishing and maintaining a regular schedule around bedtime, signals to your body that its time to wind down
  • Make sure that your sleeping environment is both calm and comfortable – It is recommended that you replace your mattress every eight years to ensure you get the best nights sleep possible
  • Use natural remedies to aid your sleep – Having scents such as lavender present on your sheets or in your room can help you to relax before bedtime
  • Treat yourself to a chamomile tea or another hot decaffeinated drink, whilst winding down to get you in the mood for sleep
  • Switch off completely – Rid your self of any tempting tech devices before bed and put them out of reach. The blue artificial light given off by phone screens can disrupt sleep, as it inhibits melatonin production; the hormone responsible for sleep
  • Introducing regular moderate exercise into your routine could help you fall asleep faster and stay under for longer
  • Kick out any furry friends that may share the bed with you – Pets can malt and leave allergens that can make sleep an illusive pursuit. Train your pets  to sleep in their own beds, preferably outside of the bedroom
  • Ensure that your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature that encourages sleep – Researchers suggest keeping the room around a comfortable 65° is the ideal temperature
  • Hide your clock – Watching the seconds tick by can cause you further stress, relating to the frustration of not being able to sleep.

In accompaniment to these methods to help you drift off, here are a couple of products that a vast numbers of people swear by:

One product I have particular praise for is LUSH’s “Sleepy” Body Lotion. A lifesaving little tub of dreams for those such as myself who struggle to sleep most nights.

Sleepy Body Lotion

Sleepy Body Lotion

Priced at £13.95 for 215g or £7.95 for 95g and smelling like lavender and gingerbread, the delectable texture is smooth and reminiscent of silk.

Even without its sleep aiding properties, I would recommend LUSH Sleepy as a bathroom cabinet staple.

Containing an oatmeal infusion, calming lavender oils, Ylang Ylang oil and the vanilla sweet scents of Tonka Absolute, Sleepy by Lush could act as the perfect stand alone moisturiser.



Don’t believe me? Here’s what others have to say about the product:

LUSH Reviews

LUSH Reviews

Another product useful for aiding sleep is Kalms Night.

Kalms Night

Kalms Night


Containing both lavender and Valerian root, Kalms Night acts as a traditional herbal medicinal product to temporarily provide the user with relief from sleep and anxiety related ailments.

As a traditional herbal remedy, Kalms Night delivers a restful sleep without causing drowsiness the next day.





Remember, that you are not alone. Reportedly one in three individuals suffer with sleep related issues. It may be a difficult matter to address, but seeking help is necessary in order to be healthy and can lower your risk of medical issues in the future.

If you fear that you suffer from sleep related issues, feel free to take the NHS assessment below:
NHS Sleep Self-Assessment 


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