Staffordshire residents left questioning trust in Oxfam after scandal


Staffordshire residents have been left questioning their views on donating and giving to other charities in the future, after the recent Oxfam scandal.

The charity has come under fire this week over the suspected cover up and failure to act on allegations that members of staff used prostitutes and aid workers for sex.

New allegations of abuse have since been made against the charity, including a female aid worker being raped by a colleague in South Sudan.

The allegations date back to the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, leaving around 220,000 dead.

Kate Kerr, a Newcastle-under-Lyme resident, said: “It is really disgusting for people in that position.

“Doing what they have done, they should be stuck in jail as they are just reaping off the poorer people to satisfy their own interests.”

Ms Kerr showed her anger at the scandal and said that she would not be seen in her local Oxfam charity shop, unless something is done soon to gain her trust back in the charity.

She said: “People will start questioning it. If it is happening to one, than it can happen to other charities.”

A charity shop worker from Hanley, who asked not to be named, said: “I think it’s awful, I most certainly will not be going into their charity shop in Leek.”

A number of local charity shops that we contacted, refused to comment on this matter.

Oxfam have since announced that a comprehensive plan of action will be put into place to strengthen safeguarding systems across the organisation.

The plan includes asking leading women’s rights experts to lead an urgent independent review of its culture and practises.

For more information on the latest updates, visit the Oxfam website.


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