Sinead D’Abreu-Hayling – Nantwich’s rising singing star


Nantwich teenager Sinead D’Abreu-Hayling came fifth in the nationwide UK Open Mic competition.

It’s an amazing feat for this young 17-year-old  who is studying A-levels in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Even in the original audition, she wowed the judges who said “wasn’t expecting that! Great vocal tone and delivery” and “nice to hear something so different, especially rare to hear an operatic performance”.

So who is Sinead and what does the future hold for this Newcastle-under-Lyme A-level student? Staffslive reporter Amy Berwick interviewed her.

Where does your passion for performance come from?
“I don’t know where my passion for performance comes from. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember my mum often tells me stories that when I was around 2 or 3 I would put on little performances for my family. I love singing and I love performing it brings me great joy to see people enjoying my performances. I get a sense of pride and joy after competing in a tough competition or after simply singing for my parents. Singing and performing has become a part of me.”

How do you feel performing on stage?
“Amazing. I do get really nervous before performing on stage in front of everyone, but as soon as I sing that first word I loose myself in the music and almost forget that I’m performing in front of people it just feels so natural to me.
What made you enter the competition?
Well around 2 or 3 years ago a boy who went to my high school who is two years older than me went on the competition and reached the Area finals, and since I was friends with him on Facebook at the time I saw his journey throughout the competition and I thought it was a really good competition. I however didn’t enter it straight away as I didn’t think I was ready for it until now.”

Who’s your biggest inspiration, both in your life and celebrity?
“I would say my biggest inspiration in life would be my family I know it sounds cliché but I love my family and wouldn’t have accomplished any of the things that I have without their support. My biggest inspiration in music would be Audra McDonald she’s a black Soprano who defies stereotypes black singers having to be belting altos, she has had so many soprano parts during her career such as: Bess in Porgy and Bess the musical, Sarah in Ragtime, Carrie Pipperidge in Carousel and many more she even played Grace Farrell in the 1999 Tv version of Annie. All of this is great to see as a young black Soprano myself she is very inspirational.”

Why did you chose”Once upon Another Time” to perform?
I really like the song the music is beautiful. I think it shows off my vocal range quite well and it’s a song from the sequel of Phantom Of The Opera so what’s not to love.

Where do you want your performing career to go?
I would love to be on the West End my dream part would be Christine in Phantom Of The Opera.

There are other singing videos on her channel

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