Leek man jailed for “haymaker” style attacks on night out


A Leek man has been jailed after unleashing “haymaker type punches” on two men during a night out in Leek town centre.

Daniel Scragg, 32, from Orchard Court, Leek, pleaded guilty to the two attacks which happened on October 24 2015.

The incident happened in the early hours, after Scragg saw a group of eight people talking to Mr Oliver, a street pastor, who had been handing out lollipops that evening.

Scragg thought that the group were being “disrespectful” towards the pastor when he ran out of lollipops, Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard today (February 13).

He then punched one man from the group, Mr Carter, who fell to the ground and sustained minor cuts and scratches.

Scragg then attacked another member of the group, Mr Wilkes, an IT Support Developer, who suffered a fractured jaw.

Pastor Mr Oliver, described the attacks as “haymaker type punches that knocked them to the floor like a sack of potatoes.”

Prosecuting, Mr Antony Longworth, said: “Mr Oliver tried to reason with the defendant and said that the group were not working in a pack mentality.

“When Mr Wilkes scratches his temple, his eyelashes now feel like they are being pulled out.

“He no longer feels confident to go out socially, as he did before.”

Mitigating, Richard Davenport, said: “The defendant fully accepts what he has done.

“At the time of the incident everyone was drunk and he was on his own.

“If he goes into custody today, he is at great risk of losing his home.”

Scragg’s sentence was reduced by 10%, as he pleaded guilty to two counts of actual bodily harm on the first day of his trail.

He was handed a 4 month sentence and a 32 month sentence, which will run concurrently.

Jailing Scragg, Judge Fletcher, said: “Mr Wilkes went straight to the ground and lost consciousness¬†immediately.

“You kicked him with serious force and he has had to have surgery for his injuries.

“He is still suffering from altered sensation in his mouth due to the attack.”


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