Joshua McLaren aiming for boxing titles after 15 months out of ring


Stoke-on-Trent boxer Joshua McLaren is preparing to make his return to the ring after being away from the sport for 15 months with a knee injury.

The 28-year-old last fought in October 2016 when he beat super-welterweight Nathan Hardy.

It all changed in December 2016 when he dislocated his knee which needed surgery.

McLaren last fought as a super-welterweight but is now hoping to step up to the middleweight division.

“It is early stages in the camp, it’s still the second or third week in. The main thing for me is getting the weight down to get my fitness back,” he said.

“My last fight was at 10 st 7 lbs and with the injury I had I gone up to 14 st 11lbs, so I might never see 10st 7lbs  again which is fine because I will be big enough to fight as light-middle or middleweight.”

McLaren is trained and managed by ex-professional boxer Scott Lawton, two-time English lightweight champion and veteran of 36 professional bouts.

“I can’t knock Scott, there have been times where I have not been as motivated as I should because of issues outside of the ring and Scott would be on my case.

“It was two years ago now, when my Grandma passed away and I went through a dark period. it was just a text from Scott basically saying get yourself back to the gym.

“I came back to gym and he made me fall in love with the sport again,” added McLaren.

He’s  scheduled to fight Sean Gorman, who has won only two of his 22 professional fights.

McLaren said: “This fight is for me to just get back in which Scott has advised me to do, a little four rounder to knock the rust off.

“I don’t know much about too much about him (Gorman), I have heard he’s a tough kid but they all are in this game.

“I believe I am at the level technically to push for titles and I will fight anybody in the country because I know I am good enough to do that.

The fight between McLaren and Gorman will take place at the Kings Hall (Stoke-on-Trent) on April 7th.


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