Downsizing: Review


For a film about tiny people, Downsizing packs a big punch.

It is directed by Alexander Payne, known for Nebraska, The Descendants and Election, so I immediately had high hopes.

A satire about a man who realises he’ll have a better life if he shrinks himself, a method invented to save the Earth. His wife changes her mind and leaves him tiny, alone, and bald.

The movie follows Paul Safranek, an occupational therapist played by Matt Damon, and Ngoc Lan Tran, a protestor shrunk against her will played by Hong Chau, on their journey through the small world of Leisureland.

Although the main attraction of the movie is to see Matt Damon look very small, the movie touches on some very big topics.

Damon shows us that he can do more than forget his own name and kill anyone.

Throughout the movie, global warming and the way we are treating the Earth is discussed, and at one point we even see them start to realise that it’s too late to save the planet.

Paul meets Ngoc through his eccentric neighbour, played by Christopher Waltz, an absolute perfect fit.

They are unexpected partners, and it does seem almost unrealistic that they would become so close, but I guess being four-inches tall changes things.

Then of course there’s the shock factor, including bottles of vodka being the size of their boats: it doesn’t get more shocking than that.

The only thing that put me off the film was the fact that Paul and Ngoc are barely seen having real conversations. All we see is Ngoc ordering Paul around, yet they manage to become so close. Maybe love at first sight does exist.

The film was released in the UK on 19 January 2018, kicking off the year to a good cinematic start.


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