50 Shades Freed review


The 50 Shades franchise has been highly anticipated ever since E. L. James’ erotic novels hit the book shelves.

The anticipation continued with the release of the final movie installment– 50 Shades Freed. The February release made it the top choice movie for Valentine’s Day cinema goers.

The opening sequence shows Anastasia and Christian honeymooning around Europe, but their happiness is soon cut short when Christian hears about a problem at work – a problem which escalates into something bigger and provides the movie’s plot.

At last, we get to see newlywed Anastasia in a role of power and get to witness her new found sense of dominance. It’s refreshing to finally see Ana take control and demand that Christian listens to what she wants and how she feels.

This control is also reflected in the bedroom, but this installment is about more than just what Ana and Christian get up to in the ‘red room’.

Of course, there is still a lot of that stuff and some scenes are more risqué than ever but now that they’re married, the movie follows Ana and Christian through the troubles they face as husband and wife.

In an attempt to make the movie slip into the ‘action’ sub-genre, a sinister plot unfolds which takes the main characters on a series of twists and turns.

Expect car chases and gun-wielding showdowns as well as a parade of yachts and private jets.

Although some parts of the plot are a little predictable and there are ‘I knew it!’ moments, a sense of excitement is successfully instilled as we see Ana take on a new persona.

She appears to be in the driver’s seat of her marriage as well as the driver’s seat of her new husband’s Audi R8 – escalating into a car chase. This is proof that Ana’s no longer the timid, awkward woman we met in the first movie.

Alongside the action and sex, there are a few heart-warming moments, but not enough for you to shed a tear.

Throughout the three-part franchise, one thing has stayed the same – it’s still as cringe worthy as ever when Christian says “Laters, baby”.


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