Dick and Dom Live: Review


“You MIGHT get messy!” is the phrase plastered across poster advertisements for Dick and Dom Live, and in classic Dick and Dom style, they’ve kept to their promises at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre with copious amounts of gunge and bogies!

The brightly coloured glittering backdrop reveals a boxing-themed set, with a giant picture of Dick and Dom in gum shields and boxing gloves- they’ve apparently had an argument over a fish finger.

The audience is divided into two teams, one representing Dick, and one representing Dom. Each side must battle it out with a series of silly, fun challenges to decide the fate of these two legendary children’s TV presenters.

Who’d have thought watching two proud dads take to the stage and create a smoothie made out of Marmite, cheesy Wotsits, a tin of beans, and some ketchup would be so entertaining? What’s even better is that you get to watch them drink it afterwards.

The final game, in classic Dick and Dom style, is a custard pie fight. To make things even messier, Dick and Dom, and the referee, Steven, get out a giant super-soaker to give the audience the drenching they’ve been anxiously anticipating.

It’s easy to see why kids adore Dick and Dom, their tongue-in- cheek attitude and slightly rude jokes are a hit with old and young alike. After 20 years as a duo, it’s clear they’ve mastered the art of entertainment.

As a 22-year-old (supposed) adult, Dick V Dom, provided me with plenty of nostalgia after being a huge fan of ‘Dick & Dom in da Bungalow’. There’s nothing wrong with letting loose and dancing to YMCA with a bunch of children on a Sunday afternoon!

Dick and Dom Live was reviewed at The Stafford Gatehouse on 29 October 2017.


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