Cinderella: Review


This year the Tamworth Pantomime Company is doing a production of Cinderella, following the success of last year’s show, Jack and the Beanstalk.

It was set up to be a great performance, in the big top on Tamworth Castle grounds, but the show started off a bit flat with an unenthusiastic crowd failing to comply with general panto law, not committing to the cheers and boos with the cast leaving those on stage fighting for a laugh. However, as the show rolled on the audience warmed up and got involved.

Tamworth Pantomime Company is a community organisation made up of professional, semi-professional and amateur performers. Having a few hiccups with props and lines the company held to together very well overall. Even the few times Charming got the giggles the cats managed to ad-lib and include the audience in their mess ups, and what is a panto without a least one person breaking character.

Blunders are part of the fun of panto and the biggest happened in the second act. The misfits of the show (Buttons, The Fairy Godmother, The Baron) were supposed to sing Twelve Days of Panto, however, the staging didn’t land well. With props all over the place, and parts forgotten. It worked out in the end, as if it was supposed to be that way.

All of the main character do brilliantly with their songs, especially Elliot (Charming) who nails his vocals, and the song choices definitely fit with the story line – although the use of a Nickelback song was surprising it didn’t seem out of place.

The best characters by far are the ugly step-sisters and their costumes. They kept everyone laughing as the Dames bumbled about the stage.

Overall this is a very funny pantomime and for the price is definitely worth a trip with the kids, a great treat for them this Christmas. However, make sure to bring a coat because even though the big top is beautiful, it’s not the warmest of places.


Prince Charming

Want to Go?

The show is running until the 22nd of December with both matinee and evening performances.

Get tickets from the box office on 01827 709618, online at the Tamworth arts and entertainments website  or on the door if you pay cash.

Tickets cost £14 for an adult, £9 for a child, or get a family ticket for only £42, there are both matinee and evening performances available.

Find an interview with Alex Farrell one of the company managers here.


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