Plans to build 270 homes on last remaining meadow in Stoke rejected


The last meadow in Stoke-on-Trent has been saved from housing development – after a three-year fight.

More than 900 people objected to the plans to build 227 houses in Trentham, off Meadow Lane, fearing they would be left trapped on their estate, with just one access point, which would lead onto Longton Road.

Developer Barratt Homes has submitted various proposals to make the plans viable over the last three years, but it was rejected by Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s planning committee.

Action group Keep Our Meadow Green had campaigned tirelessly against the plans, and celebrated the news at the meeting yesterday.

There is a shortage of homes in Stoke-on-Trent, and a need country-wide to build more houses.

But concerns were raised regarding road safety, alongside there being few nearby facilities, and the homes being 12 minute walk from the nearest bus stop.

Councillor for Trentham and Hanford, Daniel Jellyman, supported the residents at the meeting.

He said: “I am over the moon that it was rejected.

“Residents have been fighting this and I have been fighting this since 2014.

“It has been a very long process and the council’s done a lot of work with both the resident’s group and Barratt Homes to see if the scheme could become viable, and in the end, it can’t.

“The addition of another 270 houses would mean you’d have about 600 vehicles exiting onto a single junction, which would be unsafe.

“It’s a landlocked site and it’s a very difficult site to develop.

“Because it is the last remaining meadow it is a conservation area, giving many benefits to the local wildlife and it’s a great amenity enjoyed by many local residents.”


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