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The Peugeot 3008 is a very ‘French’ car, I know that’s a broad thing to say, and that’s why I say it. And that is because the 3008 has loads of different quirks and features, it’s almost a celebration of what the French can do when given a mission to design a crossover. The word ‘French’ itself can throw up some interesting connotations, I’m happy to report that when I use ‘French’ for the 3008, it’s positive.

Crossovers are built for families, it’s essential that the car can offer as much space as possible. When a regular buyer goes car hunting they often try the driving experience, compare the specs and then make a decision on the car.

Peugeot 3008

Exterior rear

When parents are car hunting, they rush to the boot first have a quick look and give the nod to each other akin to the way one would when dealing with a sommelier in a posh restaurant.
They then check out the rest of the car, but only if the boot meets their strict criteria. No, I’m not a parent, but even I can tell that the Peugeot doesn’t disappoint, it’s 520-litre boot, trumps the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage.

The interior is commendable too, three adults fit in the rear seats with ease, although it’s a bit tight on leg room, with a six-footer, sat behind a six-foot driver, but it would be absolutely fine with kids in the back. Also, the tiny rear window can make it feel a little claustrophobic, and it doesn’t help rear visibility – even less so with the rear window sticker reminding you that this is European car of the year.

The styling is gorgeous, Peugeot makes no apologies for the new flamboyant design language used across the range. The 3008 is the pinnacle of French design with its bold rear lights, puddle lights with logos, a swooping dash and curves to rival Kim Kardashian. All this reminds you that you are sitting in a Premium car, this is a world far away from the 4007 released ten years ago.

Peugeot 3008


The drive on the Peugeot is relaxed, the soft suspension and light steering are typical of a French car, it just encourages you to take things easy. The ride is perfect for a family Crossover, it’s comfortable enough to cruise all the way to the South of France. Just don’t expect the 3008 to be a sports car, it has a sport button which increases the throttle response and the weight of the steering. Even after the sports button is pressed everything still feels too soft and mushy.

The biggest thing that lets this car down is the gearbox, it’s spongy, the throw is too long and the gear knob is a cube shape, awkward for the hand. If you are thinking about buying a 3008, get an automatic, it’s an extra £1,400, but it is worth it over the manual.

The 1.6 Diesel is a genuinely economical engine, averaging about 65mpg on the motorway, with 120hp its powerful enough too when the turbo kicks in. The 1.6 petrol with 165hp is a good shout too, it has a lower list price over the diesel and it’s more powerful.

The Active spec starts at £22,495 which will be enough for most families, however the GT Line adds loads of tech, including a full ‘I-cockpit’ digital display, full LED headlights and puddle lights. it’s a big jump in price at £26,195, but it really is worth it, the GT Line transforms the car making it look and feel a whole lot more premium.

Peugeot 3008

I-Cockpit Display

Crossover is the word of the moment, fewer people want estates and more people are In favour of the higher seating position, and sense of safety that driving a chunkier car comes with.

But what makes the ultimate crossover? It has to be comfortable, spacious and stylish – everything the French are proud to showcase and they’ve done a particularly good job with the 3008. It is undoubtedly one of the best examples of what a crossover should be, making it your first choice if you’re in the market for a new family car.


More information on the Peugeot 3008 can be found at any Peugeot dealer, including branches in Hanley, Stafford, Lichfield and Burton.

Peugeot 3008 1.6L BlueHDi 120 S&S

0-62mph (0-100kmh): 11.2 Seconds
Top Speed: 117mph
Power: 120hp
MPG: 70.6 (Combined)
CO2 g/km: 104
Price: From £22,765 (As tested £28,025)


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