Five ways you can help out local animal charities this winter


Many of us would love to help dogs and cats living at local shelters this winter, but let’s face it – everyone is very busy at this time of year. There often aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish our own tasks, let alone volunteer, and money can also tight around Christmas time.

So here are some creative ways that you can help with spending little to no money:

1. Walk the dogs – you can easily walk into an animal shelter and as long as you provide some ID, you will be able to take the dogs out for a walk around the premises. Most dogs love to get out and run free, so it’s an easy and enjoyable way which you can give something back, with no costs!

2. Volunteer – Most animal charities are totally self-supporting, relying on their own fund-raising efforts and public donations. At Animal Lifeline, in Cellarhead, the charity’s management and  shop staff are all unpaid volunteers, people dedicated to the care and welfare of dogs through their love of the species. So why not join them this winter?

3. Fundraising- Charities are always grateful of money earned from fundraising events such as cake sales and marathons, but a new and inventive way to make money with no extra cost to you is EasyFundraising. All you have to do is join online and register to support Animal Lifeline, then you can start earning money when you shop from 1000’s of online retailers.

4. Give a dog or cat a home – If you are in the position to be able to adopt an animal, Christmas is the best time to do so! As the nights get colder, these animals would love nothing more than a warm fire to cosy up too. Find out more about rehoming a dog or cat in Staffordshire here.

5. Shoeboxes – A fun and creative idea which the animals are bound to enjoy is filling a shoebox with treats, toys and foods as a Christmas gift! Animal charities are always looking for food donations, Animal Lifeline are asking for tinned food without gravy which can be dropped off at either the kennels on Leek Road, Cellarhead, or their charity shops in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Longton.

So if you are in the position where you can donate, or have an afternoon free to take a dog out, do your bit this Christmas and help out a local charity in this time of need!



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