Social media, how do you use yours?


None of us have ever really given a second thought to what we post on social media, I can’t remember what I posted on Facebook at age twelve and I am always mortified to look on Timehop and see things like “LOL RanDOm”

For me this isn’t such an issue, I’m not particularly affluent on social media, all my public profiles have about 100 followers combined, friends and mom included.

However, the new wave of celebrities are facing the wrath of the internet obsessed, people who never thought they would have a following have posted a lot of bad things over their time on the internet, and now it’s coming back to bite them.

Jack Maynard was removed from ITV’s “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here” this week after tweets from 2011 surfaced containing racist slurs and derogative insults.

One tweet, posted in June 2011, he wrote “At alices with my n****s!”
In other posts he tweeted pictures of people’s deformities commenting that they were “Ahahahaha! Sooo funny!” and “looking greatttt!!”
The 23-year-old has since apologised for the tweets saying “I’m so sorry to anyone I offended, anyone I upset, anyone I made feel uncomfortable”.

However, the damage to his career is already done, people of the older generation have decided that YouTubers aren’t fit for mainstream. A reporter for the Telegraph posted a scathing article about YouTubers after Maynard had to fly home, containing the line “Perhaps it’s time the YouTubers vlogged off and found a proper job.”

There are quite a few other stars that have recently come under fire for similar offences, including Zoella, who had made homophobic comments and used generally offensive language, and Stormzy who has also been berated for homophobic tweets.

This recent trend to dig up stars old tweets will most likely continue, and maybe it’s time to look at our own profiles, back to the times when we thought social media wouldn’t really mean anything.

Cleaning up after your social media

You never know where you are going to end up in this world, so now is a good time to travel back through your 5000 tweets and find the posts that don’t match with your ideals. If that doesn’t sound like a fun afternoon there are apps out there that will do it for you, be careful which one you choose, some of them aren’t good for your computer. I personally used tweetdelete.

You could use Twitters own advanced search to look for unsavoury words.

In terms of Instagram, its quite easy to scroll through all you pictures, so just search for ones with the obscene gestures and rude comments, then you should be pretty safe.

Facebook is a social media that should be entirely your own, make it private to everyone except your actual friends and family. It’s extremely simple to do, just go into your privacy settings and all your options are there. There is also a nifty little button that gives you the ability to decide which of your mates posts about you end up on your timeline for the world to see.

Remember to be careful about what you post from now on, it’s 2017, there is no excuse for insensitive language.


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