Blurton’s ‘Affordable Foods’ store sees shining success after launch


A SHOPKEEPER in Blurton has received a positive response since opening on the 25 November in a bid to help low income families to eat healthily. 

Nikki Barrett from Trent Vale had tried to open her store Affordable Foods for nearly two year but finally launched the store to help struggling families. 

She says: “None of the local supermarkets or distribution centres are very positive of what we do. 

Nikki Barrett, store owner

Nikki Barrett, Affordable Foods

“I understand a lot of the superstores do give to the homeless or to food banks but they are just not on board with what they do.

“Because of this I get my stock from Somerset.

“I contacted a lady on Facebook who had opened a shop like this down south and then I went from there.”

The Blurton store sells food at discounted prices which are approaching or past their best before date.

“The response has been super, everyone which comes in has been so positive, they are thanking me and it isn’t really me, it is the people of the community who are keeping this shop open.

“The more they shop, the more they buy and the longer I can stay here for.

“Parents are coming in here with their children and when normally they would have to say ‘no’ to a packet of sweets, in here they can say ‘yes’ to a packet of sweets.

“It is very rewarding!”

Affordable Foods Blurton

Affordable Foods store

Regarding this festive season Nicki says: “So far the response has been positive but I won’t know what the bigger picture is until next year.”

Nikki is positive for the stores future and hopes the success will only continue, wanting to expand the business for those who cannot travel to Blurton.

She says: “I don’t want to just stop at this one shop, I want to dot them around the city to the areas which really need them.”


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