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Strapped for cash this Christmas? StaffsLive brings you a collection of gift ideas for £1 or less! We’ve all been a part of those work secret Santas, or struggling to find that cheap gift for a friend at Christmas, but look no further. We’ve gathered up a list of the top 10 gifts for £1 or under to help you bring the Christmas, without breaking the bank.

Number one: Bouncy Ball.

Now, don’t be confused, a bouncy ball may sound like the simplest of gifts you would give to the one-year-old cousin you’ve never met, but it can go a long way. Whether the person at hand be a sportsman with swift fingers, or a strict procrastinator looking for something to fiddle with, a bouncy ball can never go wrong.

Number two: Paddle Ball.

This is almost just one up from the bouncy ball. You’ve met the cousin a few times and they’re ready for something a bit more advance. Whilst a paddle ball may not be something you’re giving to your 80-year-old gran at Christmas, hours of fun can be had with this simple toy.

Number three: Toblerone

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Name me one person, and if you can, they’re lying. How many times do you see someone nip into a shop for a whole bar of Toblerone? You don’t. Which is why this makes the perfect gift at Christmas. Young or old can enjoy this gift without realising you had no idea what to buy them.

Number four: Bubble Wand

Whilst it must be said this one is geared towards a younger audience, I can’t say I wouldn’t be over the moon about receiving a bubble wand at the age of 21. Effectively stress relieving, inside or out, this is the perfect gift to give to anyone bubbling with personality.

Number five: Cocktail Shaker

If there’s one thing us Brits are known for at Christmas, and all through the year in fact, it’s drinking. Whether that be a good thing or bad thing, you can decide. But it takes no discomfort to decide this present will shake up any Christmas party, whether it be family or friends.

Number six: Whoopee Cushion

Whoops?! Gran’s farted at the dinner table again. Or has she? This lighthearted gift can be surprisingly fun for all ages and can make even the worst of scrooges crack a smile at the Christmas dinner.

Number seven: Rainbow Slinky

A nostalgic gift for anyone. This gift, despite being simple, will take you back to the Sunday afternoons where deadlines and nine-to-five shifts were just a myth.

Number eight: Fidget Spinner

The latest hype around the world. Every man and his dog wants one of these bad boys! Selling at just £1, why not treat the family to hours of fun with this perfect stocking filler.

Number nine: Fidget Cube

Search around and you can grab one of these beauties for £1. A perfect gift for those who can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Number ten: A one pound coin.

Failing all else, why bother buying a gift when you can give them money? Arguably not as thoughtful, but whoever you’re having that argument with isn’t the one receiving the money.

But remember, no matter what terrible gift you’re looking to buy for just £1, it’s the thought that counts. Merry Christmas!



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