The Wombats’ Lemon to a Knife Fight: Review


Two years after their previous release of Glitterbug, The Wombats have jumped back onto the indie alternative scene with the much anticipated, citrus fresh hit, Lemon to a Knife Fight.

Comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist, Matthew Murphy; drummer, Dan Haggis and bassist, Tord Knudsen, the The Wombats are known for their recognisable sound – infectious melodies, oddball lyrics and the boyishly charming vocals of one Mr Matthew Murphy.

Single, Lemon to a Knife Fight is a precursor to their fourth album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, set to be released by Kobalt Music Recordings on the 9 February 2018.

‘Lemon to a Knife Fight’ may seem like a peculiar title for a single, however the Liverpool based trio are no stranger to unconventional titles, with others such as; ‘Patricia The Stripper’, ‘Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials’ and ‘Pink Lemonade’.

Though it might seem quirky and original, there is no denying the Liverpool lads have certainly developed a sense of predictability. And if the band’s new single is anything to go by, ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’ also seems to be heading in same direction, being yet another formulaic rehash of the past three albums, which to many already indistinguishably bleed into one. This lack of distinction and repetition seems to have become a foreseeable formula that both fans and critics alike have come to expect.

Whilst Lemon to a Knife Fight stays in tune with the band’s ‘happy go lucky infectious pop’ brand, it unfortunately fails to push the boat out regarding musical progression from their previous albums. For this very reason, I must ask: was Lemon to a Knife Fight the best choice for lead single?

Without something to separate it from the entirety of The Wombats’ previous albums, what makes Lemon to a Knife Fight worth listening to?

Quite a lot. For what it lacks in originality, the track remains tactfully true to The Wombats’ charm and charisma. If you’re looking for a band which will reinvent itself, I’d suggest you look elsewhere, but if you want more of The Wombats we’ve come to know and love, then be sure to add the 9 February to your calendar because these Wombats are here to stay.

Only time will tell if the album follows suit in regards to familiarity, but regardless, the likelihood of ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’ being another toe-tapping and crowd pleasing album is almost a certainty.

However, if a dose of the new album doesn’t fill your craving for ‘Pink Lemonade’, and lust for ‘Patricia The Stripper’, then fear not as the Liverpool lads will be hitting the road again next March. Tickets go on sale on Friday 17 November at 9am.

UK & Ireland tour dates below:

Mar 13, 2018 – Limelight 2 – Belfast, United Kingdom
Mar 14, 2018 – Academy – Dublin, Ireland
Mar 17, 2018 – O2 Academy Sheffield – Sheffield, United Kingdom
Mar 19, 2018 – Aberdeen Beach Ballroom – Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Mar 20, 2018 – O2 Academy Newcastle – Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Mar 21, 2018 – Rock City – Nottingham, United Kingdom
Mar 23, 2018 – O2 Institute Birmingham – Birmingham, United Kingdom
Mar 24, 2018 – Manchester Academy – Manchester, United Kingdom
Mar 27, 2018 – Alexandra Palace – London, United Kingdom
Mar 28, 2018 – O2 Academy Bristol – Bristol, United Kingdom
Mar 29, 2018 – O2 Guildhall Southampton – Southampton, United Kingdom


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