Treasure Island: Review


The New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme is now showing the Christmas spectacular, Treasure Island, adapted and directed by Theresa Heskin.

Robert Louis Stevenson originally wrote the Treasure Island novel in 1883 and it has been adapted into films many times.

Following last year’s award-winning Christmas production, Snow Queen, Treasure Island has all the magical New Vic ingredients for a spectacular festive show, bringing a sense of care-free and fun-filled adventures for all of the family to feel a part of.

The show opens with the characters bursting into song, “Tired of the quiet life” with a live band dressed as pirates.

Nisa Cole, as Gem, puts on an incredibly energetic performance, almost making you want to jump on to stage with her.

Gem initially works at a quiet inn where nothing happens, until a strange man comes in and changes her outlook on life. She decides to disguise herself as a cabin boy and travel the seas to find Treasure Island.

The story has some changes from the original, including two female pirates who are just as energetic as Gem and like to cause trouble. But it keeps the original main character and characters such as Cook, Long John Silver (Tom Peters).

The show features the Treasure Island map projected into the middle of stage floor, rotating and showing the full coverage of the map, which is a great addition.

During the play, there’s a part where local young school kids play tropical birds. It’s refreshing to see children involved and doing such confident performances at that age.

One of my favourite parts is when the pirates get involved, playing instruments on stage.

The New Vic’s Treasure Island is not your typical Christmas show, but it brings so much fun and energy.

The cast is multi-talented, switching from singing and playing instruments to some intense fight scenes and climbing rope ladders.

This show is not to be missed!

Treasure Island is showing at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-Under-Lyme from 18 November to 27 January 2018.

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