Paddington 2: Review


Everybody knows about Paddington, the friendly bear from deepest, darkest Peru. His first film hit screens in 2014, and the hugely anticipated sequel hit our screens this month.

Personally, I adore this loveable little bear and this film didn’t change my opinion. His humour is light-hearted, making people of all ages giggle along with him, especially when he doesn’t realise just how funny he is! Ben Whishaw voices the character brilliantly, with the voice matching his young persona.

One of the brilliant things about the Paddington films is that they stay true to the original Paddington from the books. He still has his little blue duffle coat, his little red hat and his love for marmalade! In fact, marmalade is still one of the main features, with Paddington getting himself out of trouble by offering people marmalade sandwiches.

The star-filled cast makes this film attractive for everyone, with faces that everyone will recognise. Stars such as Julie Walters, Hugh Boneville, Jim Broadbent and Peter Capaldi return as their previous characters, and the cast is joined by other big stars such as Hugh Grant.

The cinematography is bright and full of colours – everything you expect a children’s film to be (even if the children watching it are actually 20-years-old, like me).

The most surprising part of this film is just how emotional it is! There are plenty of tear-jerking moments that you don’t expect to happen, including times when you are just so proud of Paddington, like he’s part of your own family.

Personally, my favourite part of this film is the message it gives to children – if you want something, you have to work for it. Paddington wants to get his Aunt Lucy a gift for her 100th birthday – so he goes and gets a job. The little bear is full of good values and he could teach everyone a lesson or two.

Paddington 2 is currently showing at cinemas nationwide.


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