Plans for Stone ‘garden village’ revealed


A former MOD site could be transformed into a ‘garden village’ on the back of HS2 plans.

The brownfield land, in Stone, could see hundreds of homes, a school and a doctors’ surgery being built.

Plans to transform the land, around Cold Meece, will only go ahead if the government decide to build a railhead in the area for the HS2 project.

It all comes as part of Stafford Borough Council’s local plan process.

Previously the council has opposed HS2 proposals, but the local authority is working to ensure the area would not miss out on any economic boost.

Council Leader, Patrick Farrington, said: “I have always been clear that if what is proposed as part of the HS2 project goes ahead, then as a borough we should capitalise on any economic gains that this brings.

“The idea of a new garden settlement is only at the concept stage and entirely dependent on HS2 and the government confirming their plans before we could develop ours in any detail.

“If and when they progress they would be part of the local plan and subject to detailed consultation with local residents.”

The local authority is looking for benefits that can be achieved if the railhead comes to Stone with a new permanent junction off the M6 being built to support it.

However, plans to create the ‘garden village’ may cause some controversy after concerns have been raised.

Walton North Cllr Jill Hood believes the ‘village’ will create an ‘extra burden’ for the area of Stone.

“I’m concerned that there will be an extra burden put on an already inadequate infrastructure in Stone.

“I wonder if future generations will forgive this government which seems hell bent on the erosion of the countryside and open green spaces resulting in the disappearance of precious wildlife.” Mrs Hood said.

However, the council believe that proposals to create a new garden village could help retain the shires identity by relieving the pressure of building more in other towns and villages across the borough.



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