Our Guide To Getting The Perfect Beard This Movember


Put your Christmas woes to one side folks because this month is more than just the rush before Christmas, it’s more than buying gifts and trees. It’s MO-VEMBER.

The Movember foundation is the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale. The campaign started to raise awareness for men’s health conditions such as prostate cancer and mental health. It has made more than $600 million, to date, in its eleven years of existence.

For some of us the chances of winning the lottery are higher than growing a beard and we wallow in self-pity when we come across men with spectacular beards. Staffordshire Universities student engagement co-ordinator, Danny Walker is no stranger when it comes to remarkable beards. In 2013 Danny and his colleagues raised £1800 for Movember. He said:

Movember Tattoo

Danny Walkers Movember Tattoo

“It was a really big campaign, Movember got involved nationally”.

Walker also showed us one of his many tattoo’s on his leg which he had done specially for the campaign. 

Here at the Staffs Live headquarters we have put together a list of things you can do to grow a beard worth showing off. Fingers, knees and toes crossed it works.

Patience Is A Virtue

When growing a beard, you must be disciplined and have patience. It’s not going to happen overnight unless Santa Clause visits you in your sleep and sticks one on – highly unlikely.

If your facial hair isn’t growing evenly all around your face, keep shaving regularly and be patient.


It is important to keep your beard hydrated and moist and we’re not just talking about H2o, although don’t forget to have your eight glasses of water per day. Beard oils and balms are great for keeping your beard in shape.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil


Your diet and lifestyle can have a great impact on the growth and state of your beard. Proteins are the perfect beard boosters.

Add foods like eggs, raisins and potatoes into your diet. Your body will do the rest.


A protein-rich diet goes a long way towards promoting the growth of your beard, but your body needs more than protein to grow and maintain facial hair. Vitamins are the answer. There are several vitamins that promote hair growth, we have listed three below:

1. Vitamin C – Encourages hair growth and can be found in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits
2. Vitamin E – This antioxidant increases blood flow and generates healthy hair and skin. Soy beans, raw nuts and leafy green vegetables provide rich sources of vitamin E. However too much of this vitamin can lead to an increase in blood pressure. It’s all about balance.
3. Biotin – Increases keratin and promotes hair and nail growth. Rice, milk and wholegrains contain healthy levels of Biotin.

Don’t Stress

Stress has been proven to be one of the fundamental causes of hair loss. It will almost certainly kill the beard. As hard as it may be, try to shut out your bodies stress monitor. Then watch your beard grow bigger than a beanstalk, not literally otherwise you may be in front of your mirror for a while.

We are midway through November and it’s never to late to grow a beard.

Image by Marc Tasman via Creative Commons Licence.


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