Justice League: Review


I’m not a big DC fan (despite seeing a lot of DC films), so I know there are plenty of people who know more about superheroes than I do.

However, I can say one thing confidently – ‘Justice League’ is a complete shambles and an embarrassment to Zack Snyder’s previous work.

After a four-year build-up of anticipation that all started with ‘Man of Steel’, you would think Justice League would offer a revelation for fans, as Batman and Wonder Woman bring together a new team of superheroes.

Instead the film lets down its fans through a series of boring plots and dull climaxes. The film really doesn’t deliver the high expectations DC is famed for.

For those, like myself, who might not be big fans of DC, watching can be quite confusing, because you don’t get the back stories of the characters.

Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, matches her amazing performance given in her recent film this year. She provides a lot of the eye-candy and helps to pick up the film when it seems all is lost.

The Flash, played by Ezra Miller stole most of the show with his witty one liners, making him the most likeable character out of all of them.

His delivery of light hearted banter and his dedication to his character should certainly bring about an idea for a Flash film.

Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman are played by the familiar face of Ben Affleck, echoing his average performance in his previous film  ‘Batman v Superman’.

Aquaman fans – sorry to disappoint – is given the worst fight scene I’ve ever seen; a battle against arch enemy, Steppenwolf which takes place underwater. What came out of it was a half-hearted, messy fist-fight.

Finally, there’s Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher – the former athlete who was mechanically recreated by his dad following a failed experiment. His part in the film wasn’t the worst, with his rippling muscles he was definitely one of the main attractions.

The only thing worse than some of the awful acting and overall bad script was the CGI effects.

The action-scene elements of fire and explosions were laughable and looked completely fake.

I would recommend fans of DC change to Marvel and watch the new Thor: Rangnarok as that was a lot more thrilling.

Justice League is showing at Odeon Stoke and cinemas nationwide.


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