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At 25 years old, pop singer Tiggi Hawke has already released an infectious four track EP ‘Burn Notice’. Her catchy new track ‘Dangerous Behaviour’ with dutch DJ Mika Mago has been out for a little over a month and already has 107K streams on Spotify alone.

Hit single ‘Neon Dancer’, released in 2016, features an electrifying music video emphasising her colourful pop tones.

So who is Tiggi Hawke?

Tiggi is originally from Hammersmith, London, and has always had a passion for music since she was young.

“I went to The University of Bath for two years but the whole time I was commuting to London for my music. Sometimes I’d commute two or three times a week, it was actually more of a struggle to come back and do chemistry than commute each week!”

Following her single, Tiggi has embarked on a ‘Coffee House Sessions’ tour, playing at a number of universities like Keele, Leeds, and Nottingham.

“The tour has been really good, pretty full on! Keele was amazing. I really enjoyed performing there. It’s really good to go around and get to know everyone. It’s just been a really good experience. I’m ashamed to say being born in London I just kind of stay in London. I’d really love to go to the places I’ve been to more, everyone is so friendly!”

Tiggi started her music career a little later than most, but doesn’t regret that decision.

“I was still writing for a lot of people but I just didn’t feel I was in the right place.  I’ve got the most amazing mentor, she’s an amazing musician and a great help.”

What’s her new single Dangerous Behaviour all about?

“A lot of my songs are about things that have happened to me and my experiences because I find it a lot easier to tap into. There’s a lot of emotion and it’s more real.”

“I wrote Dangerous Behaviour about a really positive experience that happened in my life. Someone inspired me to take a leap out of my comfort zone, and it’s sort of a “thank you” but also a “you’re responsible if anything happens!”

Tiggi is currently working on her new single which is said to be out next January, on her birthday, “my new song is going to be similar to Dangerous Behaviour in the sense that it’s very empowering, but it’s also a bit cheeky!”

Her musical inspirations cover a broad spectrum, with the likes of Johnny Cash and classic American rock.

“Johnny Cash’s story telling abilities and the way he can put a story in a song is just amazing, if I can channel any of that I can try to. It’s an aspiration!”

We asked her if she had any advice for people wanting to go down the musical career path…

“If you feel unsure, there really is no hurry! You’re never too old. Just do what you feel comfortable with and in terms of just getting out there I know it’s terrifying but you’ve just got to go for it. Send an email, you never know! They might love it, they may not reply. But that’s just like applying for a job isn’t it?”

“You’ve got to have a little faith in yourself, take your time but take the leap when you’re ready.”

You can check out Tiggi Hawke’s most recent single Dangerous Behaviour here. 


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