Eric of Dock Green in MidWinter Murders: Review


Charming, witty and with an infectious catalogue of 60’s music behind it, ‘Eric of Dock Green in MidWinter Murders’, was an absolute joy and a pleasure to watch.

The performance tells the tale of our mild mannered protagonist, Eric traversing the lines of moral obligation in the midst of a murder, a case of mistaken identity, and bouts of musical interludes. All brought to life phenomenally by a vivacious and eccentric cast of characters, with an interesting blend of vocals comprised of the four-piece close harmony vocal group, Manhattan beside an array of fellow multi-talented performers who took the roles of both the band and the leads.

The musical element comprises a wonderfully varied blend of vocals breathing new life into well-known and beloved tunes from the 60’s, which even a miserable Scrooge like me found impossible not to sing along to; and trust me, that is no regular occurrence.

Singing did me just fine, though I must say, I was glad that I wasn’t in the front row for the audience participation aspect, as a number of individuals were singled out to various levels of surprise and embarrassment.

Between the shows colourful characters and deliciously intriguing premise as not only a murder mystery but also as musical comedy, all with its intriguing twist at the end, honestly, I can’t recommend it enough.

My only fault would perhaps be a Purple Rain joke finding itself prematurely made some fifteen years early for a play set in 1969. Other than that however, I found Eric of Dock Green in MidWinter Murders is a true Christmas cracker for most of the family to enjoy this holiday season – perhaps leave the kids at home for this one, as many of the jokes are tiered towards an older audience.

On the aspect of jokes, the show offers a fruitful selection of amusing lines appreciated by differing parts of the audience; some quips went over the heads of some younger audience members, whereas the same could also be said for the remaining members of the audience. There truly was something for everyone in the varied selection of jokes, however don’t expect to get every single one.

Brilliantly funny, full to the brim of both witty one liners, and the occasional odd cheap joke, Eric of Dock Green in MidWinter Murders is an absolute pleasure and privilege to watch.

Eric of Dock Green is showing at the New Vic Theatre, from the 27 November, to the 9 December. See website for details.



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