Cheadle police to tackle young yobs causing anti-social behaviour


Residents in Cheadle have backed police in a clamp down on anti-social behaviour and criminal damage in the Staffordshire village.

Officers have new Dispersal Order powers after a spate of incidents resulted in 25 anti-social behaviour call outs last weekend, including arson, drugs, criminal damage and threats of violence.

Complaints included bricks being thrown at a bus, use of drugs and fireworks being let off, and changing rooms at Churchill Road Recreational Ground set on fire.

Staffordshire Moorlands Neighbourhood Police Team is putting in place a Dispersal Order to prevent more problems.

This will be in affect from 5pm on Friday November 3 until Sunday November 5, when it will be reviewed.

The order will give police the powers to relocate people aged 10 or over who have committed, are suspected of committing or are likely to commit anti-social behaviour and or cause or are likely to cause harassment alarm or distress to other person.

Police can direct individuals to leave the locality by the most appropriate and direct route.

Failure to comply with the order is a criminal offence and police can remove anyone under the age of 16 to a place of safety or take them to their home address, using reasonable force if required.

Officers can issue notices for a 48-hour period and anyone found breaching a notice is liable to be arrested and prosecuted.

Chelsea Twigge, 26, of Woodhead Yard, Cheadle said: “My boyfriend went to Morrison’s once and there were kids hanging around there and he said it made him feel a bit uneasy.

“My grandad is a councillor and he does a lot with Hammersley Hayes and he feels that the things that he’s done and worked for do get vandalised and wrecked.

“I went out as a child and you do walk the streets but now it’s getting worse as I heard about the toilets being set on fire and its just not necessary. It’s one thing to be wandering but it’s another to be destroying things. ”

Former Cheadle town centre coordinator, Helen Anderson, 64, said: ” I think this order will just push the kids to somewhere else so they’ll just go out of the town centre because Cheadle is quite a big area.

“If they move off the high street it might be a bad thing because at least they have CCTV on the high street, and if they move them to places like the recreational ground then there isn’t any CCTV.”

PC David Stubbs, of the Staffordshire Moorlands Neighbourhood Team, said: “Following an increase in calls from concerned residents, we will be patrolling the area over the coming weeks to tackle the increase in anti-social behaviour.

“This type of behaviour will not be tolerated in our community and anyone involved, either individually or as part of a group, will be dealt with accordingly.

“I would like to stress Cheadle is a very safe and low crime area to live. However, this increase in anti-social behaviour won’t be tolerated and we are determined to tackle the problem and take positive action against those involved.

“There will be additional patrols in the area this coming weekend and the message to parents is ‘Do you know where your Children are?’ ‘Do you know who they are with and what they are up to’?”



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