Brigsby Bear: Review


An 80’s children’s programme, Brigsby Bears Adventures, was all James (Kyle Mooney) knew. The best part of James’ week, was receiving a VCR tape that would continue Brigsby’s Adventure. Not knowing he was the only person watching.

Until one day it all changes. He has to adapt to a whole new world he has been shut away from his entire life, the real world.

But the only world James understands is Brigsby’s, and despite his new life, James still has a quest to see where Brigsby’s final adventure takes him, and decides to finish it himself.

The film, directed by Dave McCary, rightfully starts with a Brigsby adventure. Which then shows James, fully engaged and crossed legged, centimetres from the TV screen. Like a child does when watching their favourite TV show. Although with James being in his 20’s, he is not a child.

The comedy-drama added a light-hearted humour, despite the traumatic circumstance of James’ childhood.

He isn’t angry, but seems confused about his situation, and Kyle Mooney plays this innocent character perfectly.

However, James doesn’t seem to ask many questions as any normal person would, who has just been taken away from the only way of life they knew.

The film has its own weird and wonderful uniqueness despite the fact no story is fully original. And, I think any film lover would agree it’s a nice watch.

The film is showing at the Odeon, Stoke and nationwide from December 8th.


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