9 Cheap Ways to Stay Warm this Winter


Winter is coming. Coming so fast that it’s already here! It’s time to blow the dust of the spare blankets under the stairs and to impulse buy ugly elf jumper from Primark. With Christmas lurking around the corner, everyone is out for a good old bargain. With this in mind, here are 9 affordable items that’ll keep you toasty this winter.

Marvel Comics Fleece Blanket – £6.99
What is better than curling up on an evening with a hot chocolate binge watching Thor or Captain America? I know! Binge watching your favorite Marvel movies tucked up in a matching fleece blanket. Ahh, now that’s better!

  1. 100% Polyester 100% Nerdy

Christmas Snowman Jumper – £12

The obligatory Primark Christmas jumper. But not so ugly!

Well not *too* ugly

Unisex Fluffy Dressing Gown – £9.99

A must-have in this icy weather is a decent oversized dressing gown to live in until February. Various colours available, including a dubious looking brown.

The Navy blue, beautifully modeled by the Invisible Man

Monster Feet Slippers – £9.99

Warm? Check. Comfy? Check. Fluffy? Check. Bizarre and comical? Check. What more do you want?

Complete with sparkling claws

LED Christmas Draught Excluder – £3.99

You’ve seen the picture, need I say more?


Fluffy PJ Sets

Winter is the time to live in pj’s as much as humanly possible. Here are two affordable options from ASDA to keep you snug as a bug in a rug.

Womens – £16


Mens – £12.50

Thermal Fluffy Socks – £5.99

Got to keep those toes warm, plus unlike slippers, these can leave the house.  These + winter boots = infinite warmth

Unisex Santa Onesie – £10.95

The way best to fully enjoy Christmas. Just think of all the selfie opportunities this cute onesie provides.

Pom poms for the win

Heinz Classic Cream of Tomato Soup multipack – £3.50

Here we are, at last, the end of this merry little list. Heinz has been a British staple for over 10 decades and what is more classical than tomato soup. Quick, hot and tasty.

Just what the Doctor ordered

Now you can sit in your Santa onesie, monster feet slippers, with the seasonal draft excluder twinkling away, tucked up in a Marvel blanket, eating soup. What a time to be alive.


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