HS2 rail link to Staffordshire and Crewe confirmed by Sir David Higgins


After a four month consultation, the boss of HS2 has confirmed the new rail line WILL be ploughing through Staffordshire and Crewe.

The confirmation comes despite budget cuts and outrage from locals.

Local businessmen, councillors and the Chairman of HS2, Sir David Higgins, met to discuss future plans involving Crewe Hub Station.

Plans so far include extending the Crewe platform by 400 metres and the new Hub will be built at the current  station in Crewe, which will service seven trains per hour each way.

The project’s economic benefits are said to maximise in Cheshire, Crewe and the surrounding area, including Stoke-on-Trent.

The HS2 is a high-speed railway designed to link London, Birmingham, the East Midlands, Leeds and Manchester.

HS2 route

HS2 route

Sir David Higgins said: “ I was just looking at the land to the west of the station and to the east and there’s an enormous opportunity  for redevelopment in that area.

“There will be additional scope that will be outside the core scope of HS2 which needs to be considered by the government and northern power house who will consider that and come up with the recommendations.

“There is £300 million of additional funding to future proof the high-speed line so that other shorter domestic communal trains can come up onto the line and go from Liverpool to Manchester.

The railway infrastructure is aiming to create thousands of Regional jobs and will impact the local economy.

He adds: “The previous CEO of the HS2 is now chief operation officer at Rolls Royce who started as an apprentice, and our current CEO started as an apprentice too so apprenticeships are a crucial way of getting the practical experiences to operate in engineering, so I think they’ve got a big future and chosen the right sector.”

Acting Chief Executive of East Cheshire Council, Kath O’Dwyer said: “There are massive benefit of HS2 for Crewe, life changing benefits for Crewe, and for Cheshire east as a borough, however there are equal opportunities for our partners, our surrounding authorities.

“If you think about the geography of Crewe and of Cheshire east we are the bit that joins the Midlands engine, and all the regeneration and connectivity that’s happening there, we’re transport for the North and the northern power house.

“We’re also the link into Wales  and the link to Liverpool Port post Brexit, so actually we are geographical so beautifully positioned and as a borough we offer so much. ”

Take a look at Liam Gotting’s television report on this story:



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