McGowan’s Twitter boycott: empowering or disempowering?


Rose McGowan led a protest against Twitter in an attempt to empower women after the social media giant suspended her account.

McGowan, an actress known for her part in the American TV show Charmed, is an active women’s rights campaigner using her fan base to promote issues online.

She took to Twitter to add her opinion on the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, claiming that is why her account was suspended.

Twitter claimed she violated their rules, and that she could get her account back by deleting the tweets that violate the guidelines.

McGowan claims they suspended her account for speaking out against sexual harassment.

They have since said it is due to her releasing a private phone number in one of her tweets.

Feminists across the platform decided to fight back with the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter.

Some believe women being silent on Twitter will negatively impact their cause.

By not vocalising their views, other social media users think women involved are taking away their biggest platform for activism.


Many disagree with the movement, saying it negatively impacted women and the progress feminists have made in recent years.

Women silencing themselves to prevent themselves being silenced seems counterproductive.

This point of view makes sense, how can feminists expect to be heard if they take their voice away?

But it is so much more than that.

A lot of celebrities followed the trend and decided not to log on.

This held a lot more weight than those against the boycott.

Without Celebrities, Twitter will procure a lot less traffic.

This means they were at a monetary loss from the protest, so they would have felt the loss.

Celebrities took to Twitter to express their solidarity.

In all likelihood, the monetary value of one day won’t affect the company.

However, the negative media around the boycott could provide some long-term backlash for the company.

It is also important for women who have been abused to have others stand up for them.

Those standing with McGowan have given their support to the cause, raising awareness for such an important issue.

She was brave for speaking out. And her refusal to be silenced should be an inspiration to women globally.

Since the boycott, the hashtag #metoo has been trending across social media sites.

People are posting the hashtag to signify they have been sexually harassed.

The movement is to show solidarity between victims and survivors.


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