Stoke mum’s supermarket shock after pound coin rejected


A woman was forced to leave her children’s meal behind at her local Asda supermarket after attempting to pay using the old £1 coin.

Susan Shaw, 41, from Stoke, tried putting an old pound coin in one of the self-scan machines at the Woolstanton store, but it was rejected.

And when she got the attention of shop employees and informed them of the problem, she says they were just as confused.

Now it seems many stores are already refusing the old round coin and just accepting the new 12-sided pound.

Mrs Shaw, who was with her two children aged 8 and 11, said: “I tried four or five times thinking that there might be a problem with that particular machine, and I ended up moving to a different machine only to have the same problem.

“They didn’t understand the problem and asked me if I had any other method of paying for my items.”

StaffsLive discovered that shoppers are still being refused use of their old pound coin, despite it being legal tender until October 15.

Usman Rafiq, 33, who works at Shell petrol station on Newcastle Road, Talke, said he had stopped accepting the old coin a couple of months after the new one was introduced.

“Everyone is aware that the new pound coin would eventually be the only one in use, so I don’t see the problem if businesses refuse them earlier on,” he added.

“People need to stop complaining and prepare for the new pound coin to come into force.”

After October 15, those still in possession of the round coin will have to make a trip to their local bank, building society or post office branch to have them traded in.

Even then, they could still face problems as most will only agree to do so if you are an account holder.


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