Ten seals rescued after loosing their mothers in bad weather


A herd of ten seals have been sent to the RSPCA Stapley Grange wildlife centre in Nantwich after becoming stranded from their mothers due to high winds.

The seal pups, which is the largest group that the centre has ever admitted, are being fed a fish soup diet to help them gain weight before being released back into the wild.


One of ten seals who are now at the centre

Lee Stewart, manager at Stapeley Grange, said: “When seal pups arrive they are unable to feed for themselves and have to be tube-fed.

“After some time in care we will then try them on whole fish which can be quite a time-consuming process.

“We always worry for young seal pups at this time of year when the weather is bad because they are so vulnerable and can become separated from their mothers, as has happened with most of our seals. The storms cause real problems for the seal colonies.”

Staff at the centre have named their new guests after characters from popular television series Games of Thrones.


The group is the largest amount of seals the centre has ever had

This includes Jon Snow, who was found in Llandudno, Ned and Cersei who were found together in Pembrokeshire, and Drogo who was rescued in Gwynedd.

The RSPCA advises members of the public to never approach seals, and call 0300 1234 999 if they have any concerns.


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