Staffordshire University’s Student Union hosts ‘Stoketober Fest 2017’ for the first time


Staffordshire University’s Student Union is set to host ‘Stoketober Fest 2017’ for the first time as part of their own twist on “Oktoberfest”.

The event takes place at Staffordshire University’s very own Leek Road Venue on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October, where the session starts at 6pm and runs until midnight.

Swetha Reddy, Vice President of Staffs Union said: “it would be great to bring this big fun event on to campus for students and the local public.

“We want to keep the buzz going on even after the welcome, as this is the time of year when the first years feel a little home sick.

“There will be lots of food, alcohol and funfairs for the day.”

Leek Road Staffordshire University

Setting up the funfair

Stoketober Fest 2017 includes traditional German food, entertainment from The Bavarian Oompah Band and a funfair open to the public and the students of Staffordshire University.

Jordan Miller, 19, Shelton, said: “I’m going on Saturday and bringing one of my friends who doesn’t come to this University.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the atmosphere is like, especially with the entertainment that’s going to be there.”

Stoke City stadium also hosted a weekend of the world famous “Oktoberfest” (Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October), which also included traditional Bavarian entertainment and food and drink.

Standard tickets are £10, which includes a free funfair entry, event admittance and a regular table.

VIP tickets are £15, which includes a free funfair entry, free stein, your first two pints free and a VIP table.

Standard and VIP tickets are available at the LRV box office.


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