Five sheep killed in suspected dog attacks in Staffordshire field


An animal charity has voiced concerns after five sheep have been killed in suspected dog attacks.

The RSPCA is appealing for information after five sheep have been killed in a Staffordshire field over the course of a fortnight.

The most recent incident happened on Monday 16 October, when another dead animal was found in Caverswall Common, Stoke-on-Trent.

It is believed that somebody has been damaging stiles and cutting fences to get into the field with dogs at night.

RSPCA inspector Charlotte Melvin said: “It is really shocking that this has happened and we do believe that someone has been deliberately targeting the sheep in this field.

“All of the sheep who have died have injuries consistent with being mauled by a dog, and the fact that entry to the field has been forced leads us to believe it is a deliberate act.

“The aftermath of these attacks causes extreme stress, injuries and sometimes death to the sheep. Dog owners should also remember that they could be prosecuted and their dog could be shot if they are caught worrying sheep.”

The RSPCA are urging anyone with information to contact them.

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