Major cyber crime event is coming to Staffordshire


Representatives from the business sector, law enforcement and local authorities are gearing up for a big event of the year, an Online Fraud Conference to tackle cyber crime.

The conference is held to explore the nature of online fraud and how it affects people. It shines light on the deeply hidden dark web to phone and online scams.

The Online Fraud Forum was formed by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to bring a range of skills and experience together to tackle online fraudsters.

According to the office for national statistics, in the year ending June 2017, 70% of fraud and computer misuse incidents in the UK, were flagged as cyber-crime and 30% were non-cyber crimes.

Sue Arnold, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire said: “We must do everything we can to stop people from falling victim to cyber criminals.

“The national reporting agency, Action Fraud believes that 80% of cyber-crime is preventable so there’s clearly a need to educate people about the risks.”

Online fraud was estimated to have cost ten million pounds last year, with fraudsters increasingly targeting businesses.

The forum meets regularly to discuss latest developments and organise campaigns and events to raise public awareness.

Forum member, Tracy Pound from Tamworth firm, Maximity added:

“I see the impact that cyber-crime has on businesses every day. We all need to be vigilant.

“It helps to be naturally suspicious of something a little out of the ordinary and to pause when asked to provide sensitive information.”

The online fraud conference for businesses is on Wednesday 29 November from 9:30am to 3:30pm at Stafford Showground.


Tickets can be reserved online at:

Photo sourced by: Police Crime and Commissioner.


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