Councillors campaign to clean up Stone town centre


Councillors in Stone have launched a new campaign to get businesses in the high street to help keep the town free of litter.

The council is urging businesses to sign up and have been out in the centre talking to the people in Stone, bringing more awareness about the campaign.

Forty businesses have so far signed up supporting the campaign.

Councillors say £1 million of taxpayers’ money is spent each year in Staffordshire on cleaning up litter, with the figure nationally averaging around £800 million.

Businesses pledging support to the campaign

High street businesses signing up to the campaign

Cigarette butts and dog fouling are among the worst elements of litter in the streets.

Enforcement officer Saul Hocking said: “The biggest thing is that people do not realise that cigarette butts are litter.

“That is the big push that the council is now trying to promote.”

On the spot fines are now being issued to perpetrators with more than 180 people being handed fines this year for discarding litter including chewing gum.

Council licensing officer Julie Wallace said: “We need to educate people,hence why we are doing this campaign.

“We both need to work together to get this issue resolved.”

Residents within Stone are fully backing the campaign.

Margaret Banning, 70, said: “The amount of people who let their dog foul in the street, it’s wrong.

“The council is doing a wonderful job.”

High street business Clintons also said: “After the weekend you’ve got all rubbish lying around outside.

“So we are completely behind the campaign.”

The council hopes more businesses will sign up and pledge their support to help keep Stone high street free of litter.


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