StaffsLive’s guide to simple yet spooky Halloween make-up ideas


Struggling for make-up ideas this Halloween?

Want something simple and easy, but still flawless?

We decided to team up with Katy Basford, from Pixy Makeup, in Stafford, to bring some Halloween inspiration.

Katy has been involved in make-up for eight years.

Aged 13,  she was constantly practising different make-up looks on herself in her bedroom, teaching herself the tricks of the trade.

Pixy Makeup

At 17, she decided it was time to do something with her passion.

She began freelancing and working with professional photographers for weddings and photo-shoots.

When she was 18, she branded herself as Katy Basford Makeup artist, and started freelancing visiting peoples homes, or inviting people to her home so she could do their makeup.

She worked at Brown and Baugh beauty salon in Stafford in January.

But half-way through the year she rebranded herself as Pixy Makeup.

Now at 21, she runs an intimate yet professional set up in her home, with a cruelty free make-up collection any fan would dream for!

So we paid her a visit to get some top tips for our readers this Halloween.

LOOK NO. 1/2 – Witch/Vampire

Feeling vampy? Or maybe you’d prefer to go as a bright green witch! Pixy makeup used her immense makeup skills to turn me into both. Follow these steps below if you want to complete one of these looks!

WITCH – Step 1: Get a beauty blender/sponge and lightly dab green face paint all over your face. Katy used a Kryolan Cream Colour Wheel but you can always just use a simple face paint palette from any party shop like a Smazaroo bright green face paint, which is only £3.99 – bargain. Katy mixed the face paint with a cream foundation for a smoother look, but you don’t have to do this. It depends how green you want to be!

Step 2: To add a little shimmer to my cheek, she added some Kat Von D Alchemist Highlighter. You can use any highlighter to lightly apply to the tops of your cheeks, or even some glitter if you’re feeling glamourous.

Step 3: Katy made my eyebrows look much more defined with Anatasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, she made sure they were very defined and dramatic for my witchy look.

Step 4: For my eyelids, Katy covered my lid with a purple eyeshadow (Illamasqua Pigment in Static) and mixed that with a shimmery purple from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette, and blend!

Step 5: Apply some mascara and then some false eyelashes for a more dramatic look. A witch wouldn’t be a witch without a mole! You can create the mole with absolutely anything, some black liquid lipstick or some liquid eyeliner.

Step 6: Lippy! You can’t go wrong with a green/black lipstick when you’re dressing up as a witch. Katy used Kat Von D Liquid lipstick in the shade Wicked.

VAMPIRE- Step 1: Cover your face with the palest foundation you can find to get that porcelain look. Katy used Kat Von D Lock it foundation and set it with some Ben Nye Translucent powder.

Step 2: Brows! Again, Katy used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade to create that dramatic look.

Step 3: Highlighter. You can use any kind of highlighter for this look, but avoid bronzer, as vampires are supposed to look pale after all!

Step 4: Make sure your eyeshadow is dramatic! Katy used a nice pigmented red eyeshadow by Sugarpill in the shade Love+. If you want your eyeshadow to be much more defined, wet your brush with some setting spray or some water. Go over the red with a striking black to really finish the look.

Step 5: Pop on some false eyelashes and eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Katy used Illamasqua Gel Eyeliner.

Step 6: Lips! Any kind of dark red/black is perfect if you want to look vampy. You don’t have to use the expensive stuff, you can pick up lipstick for a pound in Superdrug.

LOOK 3/4 – Sugar Skull/Skull

SUGAR SKULL -Step 1: Grab yourself some cheap Snazaroo face paint in orange and yellow, some cotton buds, or if you’ve got them, makeup brushes for extra precision.

Step 2: Sketch out the mouth area (this bit can be tricky!) with a faint eyeshadow or liquid liner that you can go over, just incase there’s any mistakes before you go all in!

Step 3 Get some pink eye shadow and make a circle surrounding your whole eye, make sure you fill it in.

Step 4: Time to get creative. Get your cotton buds and dot orange and yellow circles around the filled in pink area around your eye.

Step 5: Time to contour! Fill your cheek bone area with the orange and yellow face paint, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just ensure you shade.

Step 6: Get your yellow face paint and with a makeup brush create a raindrop shape on the tip of your nose. You can add a flower on your chin if you’re feeling fancy!

For the black skull, repeat the same process but with black and white face paint. Simple!

You can follow Pixy Makeup on twitter at @Pixymakeup and Pixy Makeup for Facebook.

She’s also on Youtube! 

You can watch her putting my make-up on here:


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