Classic Horror Movies come back


We have all come to know and love a good spine chilling, cold sweat gripping, sitting on the edge of your seat, horror movie.

Legendary classics such as “It” (1990) and the “Friday the 13th” franchise, spanning back to the early ages of the slasher genre of the 80’s.

Transitioning into modern day gore of “American Psycho”, “Saw” and countless zombie movies.

There is no shortage in finding a horror film to keep you up at night watching cartoons with a knife by your bedside listening out for the bogyman while home alone.

But then again end up running from room to room, looking for a light source and diving underneath our bed covers once we hear the slightest noise.

Don’t deny it, we have all been there relying on the shield of our bed covers.

However, there appears to be a bit of a back-tracking trend within the genre for 2017.

This year alone there has been six reboots/remakes of notable films revamping their image.

As if we had forgotten the nightmares they generously gifted us with. However, one exception I will let slip through the cracks is the 2017 version of “It”.

Let’s not lie we were all waiting for that visit 27 years later, even if you are only a 25.

Directors Ridley Scott (Alien: covenant), Michael and Peter Spierig (Jigsaw) and F. Javier Gutierrez (Rings), created the most buzz this year resurrecting, iconic beasts.

As terrifyingly exciting as this sounds, I wonder if they are running out of ideas?

Are there no new monsters or crazies?

Have all the drug fuelled, sex crazed teens been murdered on their way to band camp?

On the other hand, they didn’t have much chance for survival since they all have two left feet when running away or keep going upstairs, instead of out the Front Door!

Maybe we do need a reminder of what made the slasher genre so prevalent in pop culture, since no one knew how to use a gun.

Clearly it is what the people want, since “It” managed to make $123 million dollars opening weekend.

Make sure to grab yourself a ticket and have you night light ready at home, because this year ‘Fright Night’ is every night.

Image provided by George Hodan


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